Level 3, Block B - College of Computing & Information Sciences (CoCIS), Makerere University, Kampala Uganda.
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Internet of Things - research and application Lab (IoT-ra)

"smart connections"


An innovative center of excellent research in Internet of Things (IoT) to spur socio-economic transformation.


To conduct cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) research that solves community problems and impacts society.


To promote research in IoT applications.To solve COMMUNITY challenges through the use of appropriate IoT.To optimise CONNECTIVITY options in developing regions with enormous limitations thus building smart communities.To ensure CONTINUITY in IoT research and Development through incubation and partnerships.

Word from the team leader

Dr. Julianne Susanne Sansa-Otim

Welcome to the online home of the IoT-ra lab, where we make smart connections happen.

Our efforts started in 2013 while we were implementing the WIMEA project thus our lab was first called the WIMEA lab. Over the years we have undertaken several interesting projects focused on building innovative Internet of Things (IoTs) artifacts that address societal challenges.

We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers comprising several specialisations including computer scientists, software engineers, meteorologists, information scientists, computer engineers, telecom engineers, entomologists and environment scientists. Our team is continuously growing to include specialists needed to implement the project at hand.

We identify community challenges and address them through investigative and development work together with our students. The internet transformed the world and we know that the internet of things being one of the critical 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, will contribute enormously to shaping our shared future.

We are therefore delighted to be part of this journey by innovating IoTs for social and economic advancement in developing regions.

We invite you our dear stakeholders to engage us through our contacts page e.g. by sharing requirements for a non existent IoT of interest, or placing an order for any one of the already developed products described on the products page, or funding further development of any of our IoT products, or any collaboration that is mutually interesting.